This week has been so fun! We had two birthdays, one team member went on a mission trip, gained 2 new clients, and hired a deep clean specialist for our clients needing deep clean services! One thing through all of the changes and uncertainty in this world is that we have never been in a position where we had to consider closing our doors. Instead, our team has grown, our client family has grown, and new relationships with clients and team members have been built. We are so thankful for the clients we have gained, and the ones who stayed.

As I said earlier, we also had some birthdays! Kat turned 21 on the 9th, and Nichole turned goodness knows how old (we will say 25 so I don’t get fired) on the 10th. Before our birthdays, Myranda left for her mission trip and our new deep clean specialist, Cassi stepped up to the plate to help me with the rest of our clients this week. That was an amazing birthday present because I have no idea how I would have handled so many clients alone! Our team is awesome- we are honestly more of a family.