Last week was an amazing week! I didn’t post on Wednesday because my husband and I were helping his little brother with a seed germination project for school. Me being me, I encouraged taking it a step further. We built a whole garden in addition to watching Lima beans germinate! It was a very fun time and in the midst of the excitement and fun, I decided to let the blog post for the week rest.

But Nichole and our new cleaner, Myranda didn’t get a break! This past week was the first time in 2 months that Creasey Cleaning Co. has had a completely booked schedule! That means at least 3 perfect maintenance cleanings per day or at least one deep clean per day. We just want to take a quick second to say thank you to all of our clients who resumed services with us or continued services despite the COVID-19 crisis. You have continued to ensure that our families have food on the table and for that, we are grateful.

It wasn’t all work though. I am sure you are well aware that Creasey Cleaning Co. includes and values a fun work environment. That does include practical jokes. I (Kat) was in a meeting with my financial advisor this week. In the middle of our discussion about options for disability insurance in the future, I received a text from Myranda. “I need you to hurry and come back. I can’t work in these conditions.” Talk about perfect timing; while discussing disability insurance and the possibility of not working our new employee might not be working well. My heart dropped. I maintained a smiling face for the remainder of the meeting, but once it was over I called Nichole. My concerns were met with laughter. Taken aback, I asked what was so funny. Nichole and Myranda were joking around with each other and Myranda had stated jokingly to Nichole that she couldn’t work in these conditions (I am still unsure of what the conditions were). Nichole sarcastically responded, “Then you’ll have to tell that to Kat so she comes back to work!” I am glad it was only a joke. In the moment the text was received I was so scared- add in the fact that I couldn’t respond- I was thinking the worst.

I am so blessed to work with people I can joke with and take a joke from. The work environment extends past clients’ houses and into my office and it means the world to me. Working from home is hard for me because I enjoy being in the field and having a physical show of my hard work. I also miss my co-workers and boss. It gets lonely working alone, and Nichole does a great job of including me in the fun. I cannot wait to return to the field once I know it will be safe for me and our clients.