This week was full of fun and new interactions. For starters, we had 7 new website visitors who followed the link from our first blog post! It is so exciting to gain traction and build online relationships with prospective clients, current clients, and/or people who want to know more about us. Among those relationships built is one with our newest Top Fan on Facebook, Jeannine Allen! Jeannine met Nichole a few years ago while Nichole was employed as a caregiver for Jeannine’s mother. At times, they would hire Nichole for extra cleaning for family get-togethers and for assistance after laundry room remodeling. At the time, Nichole was in the early stages of creating Creasey Cleaning Company. Jeannine says that Nichole left an impression on her as a Godly, honest, kind, hard-working, and easy-going lady. It wasn’t just the cleaning that brought them together though! They shared a mutual love for reading and this helped personalize the business early on in Creasey Cleaning Co.’s conception. Since day one, Creasey Cleaning Co. has believed that building relationships should not just a business pursuit for our gain. We genuinely care about all of our clients and followers. You are friends and family to our company. Whether we service your home or not, if you’re reading this post that means you are a part of this family. If you share this post, you are also a part of our marketing team- that wasn’t serious (but seriously, please do share). Speaking of sharing- the post that got the most interaction this week was about insects. More specifically spiders. You see, what had happened was… Nichole was cleaning windows for a client and ran into a HUGE spider. Seriously! Look at the post! Now, I know that Nichole is a brave and strong leader, but she does have weaknesses. Big spiders being one of them. She had to ask our client to knock it down so she could continue cleaning the windows. You may say, “What? For a spider? That’s ridiculous!” but Nichole took it a step further and compared the size of the egg sac this monster was transporting to her squeegee. Trust me, its worth a look. I guess Nichole isn’t a wuss after all. Are you scared of spiders?