This week was slow to say the least. Between Having off on Good Friday and a lot of clients opting out of services due to COVID-19, there isn’t really very much to say about work in the field this week. It was a good week to slow down and really appreciate family and what Christ did for us- for me. But that does not mean that we weren’t productive! We hired a new cleaner to help out because Kat has decided (prayerfully and logically) that it would be best for her to step out of the field until this pandemic has passed. That being said, she has been taking care of all of our online business instead. That includes all of the Facebook posts, updating our website, designing original Facebook posts on Canva, and things of that nature. She ran the numbers and this week we have seen a 11% increase in our post engagements and gotten 9 new page likes! She even started an Instagram account for us! During this time, we are trying to stay connected with God, our families, each other, and our clients. The online platforms we are utilizing help us to accomplish all of this.